1. We will not tolerate players who by any means try to harm the server. Use of any third party program, hacking, and cheating are strictly prohibited.
    Penalty: Instant Permanent BAN (Account, IP, Hardware)
  3. Game Masters are to be respected. The staff of the server are approachable, and will answer your queries as much as they can. Disrespecting a GM will result to sanctions.
    Depending on severity of case, from chat ban to permanent BAN.
  5. Do not create a character with the letters GM/[GM] in your name. Doing so will result to a permanent ban.
    Penalty: Character Deletion
  7. Do not create characters with names consisting of only special characters, using only Ls and Is, gibberish names (ex. Awera1349), and offensive names.
    Penalty: Character Deletion
  9. Trash talk in game is allowed. Please practice moderation and decency when interacting with fellow players. Racist language is STRICTLY banned.
    Penalty: Depending on severity, following 3-strike rule.
    1st offense : Kick out of the game.
    2nd offense : 24 hours chat BAN.
    3rd offense : 48 hours BAN.

  11. Maximum upgrade rate for the server is currently +5. +6 items and above will be deleted.
    Penalty: Item Deletion - depending on severity, account ban.

  13. No GvG Feeding.
    Penalty: Depending on severity, 3-strike rule.

  15. No Trash Buffing
    Penalty: Depending on severity, 3-strike rule.

  17. We will not entertain any hack/scam cases - which means we will not retrieve your lost items for you. Please take extra precaution when trading and never share your account information with others.
  19. No hiding of towers under a parked MAU or inside the chip.
    Following 3-strike rule.
    1st offense : Kick out of the game.
    2nd offense : 24 hour BAN.
    3rd offense : 48 hour BAN.
  21. No safe zone debuffing, healing, or refreshing.
    Following 3-strike rule.
    1st offense: 3 hour BAN.  
    2nd offense: 24 hour BAN.  
    3rd offense: 48 hour BAN.
  23. No hiding inside the chip during CW. You will be kicked from the game when we see you doing this.
    Following 3-strike rule
    1st offense : Kick out of the game.
    2nd offense : 3 hour BAN.
    3rd offense : 24 hour BAN.
  25. Nuking inside the core is prohibited. Including CMP
    Following 3-strike rule.
    1st offense : 3 days BAN.
    2nd offense : 5 days BAN.
    3rd offense : 1 week BAN and deduction of CPT.
  27. STRICTLY no using of chaos during run time war. Chaos after breaking chip with the intent to kill CB is bannable
    Penalty: Kick out of the game and BAN.
  29. This is an international server. As such, everyone is expected to use ENGLISH on the following channels: all, trade, race chat.
    Chat BAN
    1st offense : 3 hour BAN.
    2nd offense : 12 hour BAN.
    3rd offense : 36 hour BAN.
  31. No real money trading, it is the act of trading buying or selling any in-game items in exchange for real money currency. GMs will not help you in this kind of transaction whatsoever. Should you wish to proceed with this, it will be at your own risk.
    Permanent Account and IP BAN.
  33. The Lockdown Management Team may host temporary events like Guild Pack & Solo Pack Events. Players can only avail of the pack once and can only pick one kind. If you already claimed a guild pack, you can no longer claim a solo pack. Players found to be violating this rule will be banned. IPs that share multiple accounts who have also claimed the pack will be investigated and may be temporarily banned during investigation.
    Depending on severity of scenario, from temporary ban due to investigation until permanent account/IP/hardware BAN.

The Lockdown Management Team can amend these rules as they see fit at any point in time.