Hi Everyone!

Following the recent removal of an abusive admin/owner, he has removed the GM Team access to the original Facebook Page and defaced it. He then replaced it with RFTRON and whatever BS. He has also deactivated the forum license as the email could not be changed due to time-bound limitations. These are the works of a truly toxic person who is unable to play by his own rules.

 All these activities, however, shall not hinder anything related in-game. We will continue to hold our events and our planned maintenance will push through. 

The server forum reinstallation is already in the works and the new Facebook Page will be up soon.

Please bear with us.

 Thank you. 

Hi Everyone!

 For concerns, queries, updates, announcements, or just random banter with the community, tune into the Lockdown Forums!

You can get in touch with the GM Team there as well.

 See you around!